Ngehehe :]

gift from Izam

Am I making jealous for owning this Ngehehe zine? Hehe, tqah and fana. I've finally received Izam's zine. Alas. I've been waiting for a week now. Sob sob. Anyway, I'm totally in awe with his zine to the max. Thumbs up to Izam. Also excellent was Friendly Fellow and The Peace Trouble Maker comic which are hilarious with its cheeky character. Ngehehe is simply entertaining. This is his first time attempt on publishing a personal zine, so wish him luck for the next issue. Cheers to him :] You might want to check out his zine here.

20 pages
RM8 per copy, postal included
(for Malaysia only)  

I've found recently that Ngehehe is finally available in Singapore through Mish Mash Mush. It is available for online purchase at Big Cartel for $3.00. According his blog, it's managed by his best friend Noveri Mondey. Woot woot!

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