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First of all, I would like to thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Yih Ling Pow. If you happen to come to this site before, you'll know that my nickname is Elynn P. Well, it's so obvious that P stands for Pow. That's my surname. I can see that you have trouble pronouncing my surname. I get many people pronouncing my surname wrongly. It makes me wonder whether it's too hard to get it right. I mean basically you just have to think of Pau.That's it. Ain't it easy?

Well, that's me when I was one. Cute huh? FYI, I no longer look cute. Wish that I were. Anyway, back then, I was  a teeny-weeny kid  that may be annoying at times. As what my parents told me, I'm always in talkative mood. I wonder who I've inherit this characteristic from actually.  It must be from my grandma. No doubt. Truth to be told, till today, I'm still talkative. Like seriously. I can talk the whole day non-stop. Gosh. My dear friends, I guess you need  to get yourself a remote control like in 'Click' movie. It'll definitely do the trick. I bet it will, if that thing really exists.

I was probably two years old in this picture. Looking at this, somehow I was literally asking myself when was the last time I wore a dress or skirt other than my school uniform itself. Alright, I'm gonna add this to To-do Lists. I'm gonna wear a dress, a skirt or whatever. But not miniskirts.  Something decent. I'll wear it one day. Promise. 

Now, I understand what it meant by 'Old habits die hard'. Till to this very day, I still laugh like that. *terror Gosh, it will even scares everyone in vicinity. Ain't it? You see my little brother, Eugene. It seems that he was shocked, speechless and his face was cringed in terror. As if I was like some kinda witch or devil or something evil. Muahaha. By the way, I looked like a retard with my pants tucked up so high above my waist. This is what they call 'Bad Fashion Sense'  *sighs

OMG. No wonder I still can' ride a bike. *speechless You see that lazy little girl, don't even wanna move her butt. .
Ummm, who's birthday was it anyway. *puzzled I can see that both of us are blowing the candles. Not that we are twins. Sharing is caring, perhaps. I Heart You, Eugene, even though you pissed me off sometimes.
Great pose, Eugene. You can even be Rexona model, by the way. Bright future ahead. *winks Haha

HAHA.The cheerleader side of me. Can you spot me? I'm grinning widely with my head tilted upwards.

That's my kindergarten class when I was six. I started kindergarten at Superkids Kindergarten, Alor Setar. I think. I love this pic the most. Each with their very own reaction. Haha. It's been a long, long time I had such a long hair. I used to love my ponytail. But ever since I was enrolled for my primary education, my hair was cut short. I always  wonder how does it feel like to flick thick lustrous hair. Deep down, I adore those attractive woman with their awesome hairstyle. And now, I have to add another one to my To-do Lists. Is there any way to grow my hair longer and faster? Like super fast, do you know any which is affordable? Tell me if you know one.

This was taken when I was in Standard 3.

Upon completing kindergarten, I studied at St. Nicholas Convent, Alor Setar during primary and secondary school. Currently, I'm a school-leaver who had completed  her SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia), an examination for Form 5 students in 2009. Even though I was placed at the honours class but I was not a brilliant student that scored strings of A+s like what Gladys Tan did.

If you happen to read my blog posts before,  you already know that I've just completed my National Service at Tasik Meranti, Wang Kelian, Perlis. Being in the camp gave me many memories, and it’d take entries to re-tell every single detail about it. So, I suggest that you read my older posts. National Service has shaped me into the person I am now. It made me realize that there are other achievements and objectives in life instead of aiming for excellent results in academics. One thing is for sure, it made my  life more interesting, and it made me dark like charcoal. *sob sob Big thanks to all the physical training there! *ugggh Anyway, I had the one chance in my lifetime to try out new things especially on M-16 gun. Talking about M-16, this is so embarassing, I've only managed to score 3/100 with 20 bullets and another 5 bullets for tryout.

P/S: I can’t possibly elaborate every single info in this entry. To know more about me, feel free to read my entries by going through the archives.

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