Random facts about me.

I've been living for 18 years, 4 months, and 19 days.

I was born on a Friday.

My date of conception was probably 31st May 1991.
I've seen 5 leap years.
My Zodiac Sign is Pisces.

My Chinese Zodiac Sign is Monkey.

My Ruling Planet is Neptune.

My Birthstone is Amethyst.

My Birth Flower is Violet.

My Birth Tree is Pine Tree.
My Birth Number is 8.

Time till my next Birthday 225 days 12 hours 18 mins.

My Lucky Color is Sea Green or Turquoise.
My Lucky Day is Friday.
My Lucky Number is Three or Six.

the I Cannot Tahan list

Just suddenly thought of doing a list facts. Muahaha  X)

1.    I cannot tahan smokers smoking in non-smoking area. Are you blind? There's a sign board there.
2.    I cannot tahan when Eugene hogs the bathroom. And he purposely taking his time in there when I desperately must go in.
3.    I cannot tahan guys randomly messaging girls on social network. God please make sure they'll remain dateless forever if they keep doing this.
4.    I cannot tahan guys being too forward and asking for girls's number in the virtual world.
5.    I cannot tahan whoever donates 5 cents instead of the RM50 notes in their wallet.
6.    I cannot tahan students who pretend to be poor everytime I ask for the one ringgit class fund.
7.    I cannot tahan when they pretend to forget that they owed me $$$.
8.    I cannot tahan people who sweet-talk others into working for them. I'm not your slave. Okay!
9.    I cannot tahan drivers who cannot park their cars properly and appropriately.
10.    I cannot tahan drivers who hog two parking spaces.                                                      
11.    I cannot tahan people who shamelessly say they are freakingly cute all the time. Once in a while it's okay.
12.    I cannot tahan sarcastic bitch. God please seal their mouth.
13.    I cannot tahan friends telling me to chill when I'm angry. I don't know why.
14.    I cannot tahan when she thinks she's right even though 9 out 10 thinks that she's wrong.
15.    I cannot tahan lousy customers service. If so "beh song", you might as well don't work.
16.    I cannot tahan being cooped up in my home during the school hols. I'll literally go mad. I need to hang out with friends.
17.    I cannot tahan girls laughing at other people's misery.
18.    I cannot tahan girls bragging about their bfs.
19.    I cannot tahan aunties bragging on how rich and successful their children are. Okay, auntie, I get it, your children earns 6-7 figures income and blah blah blah.
20.    I cannot tahan people who are "kedekut ilmu". My goodness.
21.    I cannot tahan when my amah's Thai curry chicken decided to have a wild party in my stomach. Still, I love her curry chicken. I think my stomach is not engineered to digest spicy food.
22.    I cannot tahan when my parents lectured me early in the morning. Because it will severely ruin my suppose-to-be-an-awesome day.
23.    I cannot tahan strangers who unneccessarily tag me in her products' photos. Should not have accepted their friend request in the first place.
24.    I cannot tahan when I'm money-less and not getting what I want when I want it.
25.    I cannot tahan eating steamboat for 3 meals in a row for 3 consecutive days.
26.    I cannot tahan when two persona bitchin' each other behind their back.
27.    I cannot tahan MCA partly because I think they don't really do anything for us Chinese.
28.    I cannot tahan eating in darn lousy kopitiam mainly because once they forgot my order. And stupidly I waited for 45 minutes. Okay!
29.    I cannot tahan kopitiam that locked their toilet and don't allow their customers to use it. Just because they are too lazy to clean up.
30.    I cannot tahan disgusting toilet. Especially toilet bowl with shit stains in it. Clumps of hair everywhere. As though someone had chemotheraphy there. How can I shit in such condition! But I figured shit stains on toilet bowl are always better than shit stains on my pants.
31.    I cannot tahan not gentleman man. They shamelessly don't give up their seats for amah and pregnant ladies.
32.    I cannot tahan myself having frustrating impulse to say things on the spot without thinking.
33.    I cannot tahan when parents think that blogging is for lifeless people.
34.    I cannot tahan pimple. I hope someone can kill me with a fork.
35.    I cannot tahan when I get excluded from a group of friends.
36.    I cannot tahan my mom who cannot tahan camwhore-ing.
37.    I cannot tahan when the guy I crushed on giving me hints that's not into me. Wth. I hope someday bird shits drops on your face.
38.    I cannot tahan Malaysian education system.
39.    I cannot tahan Indonesians.
40.    I cannot tahan guys' obssession over Ultraman, Superman or whatever "man" that existed on the market.
41.    I cannot tahan co-ed school.
42.    I cannot tahan when I'm grounded.
43.    I cannot tahan my mom when she cannot tahan seeing me facebook-ing.
44.    I cannot tahan football.In fact I cannot tahan World Cup. Don't understand the whole World Cup fever thing.
45.    I cannot tahan when I can't blend in among the Chinese girls.
46.    I cannot tahan girls who purposely talk in a soft tone. Just because she thinks it's cutesy. But isn't it frustrating to talk to them and have them reply in such dulcet tone that you can't hear a thing?
47.    I cannot tahan Cikgu Sofia and Cikgu Norma. They are the most insane teachers I've ever met.
48.    I cannot tahan teachers who show favour to intelligent students.
49.    I cannot tahan my temper. Who I've actually inherit this from? Papa? No Mommy? Maybe both.
50.    I cannot tahan Justin Bieber. Everyone's talking about him. I don't get it. Ok I'm going to hell *resigned

    Achy Breaky Heart

    How could this happen to me? It was supposed to be a blast like every other outing. And it wasn't. Boo-hoo. To be honest, I was looking forward for this outing partly because I felt hurt yesterday as I found out that the Convent chinese gang in my school  wasn't inviting me for their outing on this Saturday. T____T Only me. Felt left out. :C Oh well, I can never blend in with them.  
    And today was by far the most friggin' pissed off day I've ever gone through. And this is why: One by one turned down the invitation for this outing. Six of them. Grrr. Okay, now it's seven of them. Just received her text messages. GODDAMMIT. T___T Okay fantastic. Whaddayouknow, the outing is officially cancelled. And here I am stuck at my room with nothing exciting to do. I'll literally will go mad if I was forced to stay at home during school hols. I feel like a Sim whose mood baris dangerously red. I need to hang out with friends! Geddit? So, please tqah, I beg you to try your best for this Saturday's outing. Please. There'll be only you and me. 

    It was so silly of me to think that they'll turn up for this. :// And I even wrapped the winged heart origami nicely to give it to her. Sigh. I'm desperately need to get fresh air. I need to go out. My father's suspension from work is getting me down. And also my family financial status. Life has pretty must frustrating. What's more it makes me so tired that I do not want to get out of my bed. It used to be easy to cheer myself up. Even a small chunk of chocolate can make me happy for the whole day. But it no longer so as I've grown up. It's complicated. Or am I the one that making it complicated. 

    Ahhh, whatever. Life sucks at times. I think I should just stop whining and talk about interesting things to cheer me up. But, ummm there's nothing interesting things to talk about. :(

    Pra-U1 Alfa :]

    I stole this from my ex-monitor's album. It was taken on Hui Nee's birthday. By the way, where's the other picture with six of us? Syeik, Fana and Ella left SAHC next day after the birthday party. And next was Hanif. I miss them so much. I'm the newly appointed assistant monitor for this class. Thaqif as our class monitor. Hopefully, Thaqif won't leave SAHC.Like seriously.

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