It's Complicated

I wish that I can find a guy friend that can listen and talk to me for long hours. Not he's the one that nudge me and ended chatting with me for few minutes and disappear without saying goodbye. Or I'm the one has to nudge him instead. I'm kinda jealous with tqah who has two superb guy friends whom she calls them little brother. And I know that whenever she's unhappy, they'll be there for her. I'm going through a period of time which is the hardest thing for a 18-year-old girl like me. Not a single friend know about this yet partly because I don't have the courage to bring up this issue in front of my friends. I'm afraid. I can't find anyone to talk to. it's not that I don't have reliable friend. I do have. A few of them. But every time I want to talk to them about my problems, they are either in super happy mood or super sad mood. well, if hey are in super happy mood, it'll be harsh to spoil their current mood. And if they are in super sad mood, it'll be even harsh to make them to listen to me. So what if they are equally happy and sad? It'll end up I'm being a joker to make them super happy. Don't believe that I'm a joker? If you are one of my new friends, I'm a maniac girl. I might not be as hilarious like Yin Joe Lynn, but I'm still a qualified joker in my Form 5's class. Read this. I told you so. LOLS.

I've been thinking of posting a job vacancy for quite some time ago. However, i have financial issues. Wish that I have money to hire someone for this. But, at this moment I can't pay you anything. Who's willing to be my 24-hour listener? Preferably a loyal one who will keep his or her mouth shuts. Anyone? I'll be a loyal listener in return.

Wth. Maybe I should just...

Like Yue's Kiki boy.

2 intimate notes:

Nina Manson said...
May 24, 2010 at 6:57 PM

Maybe you should consider getting yourself a cat or dog. They know it when you are feeling sad and will sit by your side to listen and cheer you up!

Have a nice day! :)

elynn-p :] said...
May 24, 2010 at 7:02 PM

thanks for the advice, nina.

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