The Truth

I've been keeping this to myself not quite long ago. Probably since this.

How should I put my thoughts into words? I'm not angry or whatsoever. I'm disappointed actually Even after so many days. I had no one to talk to. Or I don't feel like sharing this to anyone.

Or I can't find anyone that can understand this. I don't know.

Anyway, I guessed she doesn't know about this. Since she left, I worried sick of her. I missed her like crazy. Do you know that? Do you!

But on April 4, she came to Alor Setar for Cheng Beng. 

Without giving me a call. Not even a text from her either. No messages were left at Facebook from her. =(

Am I being sensitive or what? I just not quite sure about this.

And till the last day which is also her birthday, I found that she came back to Alor Setar since Sunday (April 4). 



At first, I comforted myself with the thought that I can with her till late night. Instead, she wanted to sleep. At 11 p.m. 

When was the last time I slept at 11.p.m.?

But thanks to her sister, she's back online at MSN. 

I've actually broke my record for the first time. Chatted with her till 4 a.m. By the time it's 4, I can't stand it and I dozed off.


Talking about her birthday post, I was little disappointed. Scratch that.

I am really disappointed. Because she didn't read it immediately. I know I'm sensitive. But it's important to me, you understand what I mean so far?

Anyway, at least she did read the post and left her comment there.  =)

I love her. Muacks. XOXO

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