I Miss Her Terribly

 hey, i grabbed this from joern's FB. the girl in pink is the one. I Heart Her.

It's been a week since she left with the others. Things just don't feel the same when she's not around. Facebook is so quiet without her and also them. The day before she left, I had remained in my room for the whole day, refusing to talk to anyone. At night, sleep would not come to me. I found myself tossing on the bed. On reflecting back, we have gone through many things together that makes our friendships stronger.

My thoughts began to stray. Soon, I found myself sinking into reverie of thoughts. A smile etched out on my face as happy memories our school life filled my mind. Unable to keep my emotions in check, silent tears fell from the corner of my eyes. Not knowing what else to do, I'm writing his post to dedicate to you. 

Since you left, there was no one, I could confide in what more share my intimate feeling, my fears and apprehension with.  Most of the time, I cried myself to sleep. I wish she was here with me. But to let her go is for her own good. The new environment she's staying for the next 3 months will shape her into a person with self confidence especially.

Hey, you still remember the poem I wrote for you last year. But, I'm not that good on poetry. I tried my best for this one. Anyway, this poem means a lot to me. I hope that you still like it.

You are like the Sun
In the sky
That gives earth heat and light
My world has changed
Since the day I met you
You have shown me that the world is
A better place to live in

You are like a walking stick to me
If I ever lose my sight
I know I will pull through
As you will be there for me
Holding my hand
And guiding me, through thick and thin
Fearless of the crooked, bumpy roads
Or any obstacles in my life.

You are like the Befrienders to me
When I am the lowest ebb of my life
When the rest of the world seems to desert me
When I needed them most
However, I know I will get through this
As I can always turn to you
For emotional support
I know you would stand by me
You are someone that I can lean on
Someone that I can trust

You are like an umbrella to me
Day in and day out
Protecting and shielding me
From under the sweltering heat
From the pouring rain
From the unpredictable weather
When you are at my side
I feel the warmth you exude

You are like a lifebuoy to me
If I am ever thrown into the sea
When my life is in jeopardy
When my lungs are desperate for air
Somehow, I know I will survive
If I cling on you
Because there is this faith in you

You mean everything to me
You are the one who is
Always there for me
Cheering me up
Bandaging my wounds
Clearing up my mess
Easing my pain
From being hurt in my daily life
You are everything to me

I am blessed to have found you
You are without doubt
My greatest treasure
If it were not you,
I won’t know
If I will ever get through
The challenges in my lives

To be honest, I still keep the letter you gave me when I was 12. You thought that we will be on different tracks when we leave our primary school. Somehow or rather, we ended up studying in the same school for another 5 years at secondary school. But actually is 4 years as you transferred when you was in Form 3. Too bad was I don't know where the hell the letter go. I kinda misplaced it again. Sighs. Old habits die hard. You know what I mean. I'm always like that.

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tkah. said...
April 4, 2010 at 11:21 PM

awww this is so sweet. :)

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