Right Here, Right Now, No Regrets!

This is how my life at NS camp started. I was not quite sure how's life awaits me there. Somehow or rather, I'm beginning to enjoy every single moment there. And I love it. So much. Like seriously. My first and second days were the torturous moments in my whole life. *exaggerated a lil' I cried every time I called my parents. *shamefaced At that moment, I just wanna get out of there. A.S.A.P. Right now, knowing that it's gonna end soon, I knew I'm gonna miss this camp. So much. T_____T Btw, I do miss my buddies from time to time. I love you guys. XOXO Back to NS camp....*flipping through my diary
 It just hit me that I whined a lot on my first week there. *sighs Anyway, I've changed a lot. Ummm, a little perhaps. At least I did changed. OK??!! Lee Lean is the first friend I know there other  than Geetha but she left after 2 weeks later and so is Kee. *teary eyes FYI, Geetha is my schoolmates since Convent primary school. How coincidence! However, it was most amazing experience knowing Lee Lean and Kee though, it was just a short two weeks. We don't clicked immediately like some other campers. It took quite some time for me to actually communicate with them as you know my mandarin sucks. Like seriously. But not anymore. *proud

I mean I did mention I love NS but somehow or rather there are things I hate there. Like waking up at 5. Though I've said it earlier that it was no longer a BIG DEAL for me. Still, who doesn't want to sleep a little longer. Especially when one has to wake up at 5 during the weekdays. Next will be the cold water during my morning bath. OMG. I was shivering like hell. Truth to be told, I skipped my morning bath most of the time. Ewww. *disgusting Normally, I will wash my face and brush my teeth. Off to physical training till 7.30a.m. Before the 8.30 class, I will then have my shower. *serious I know some of the campers did not shower for like 3 days and they depend on their perfume most of the time. But not me.

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