Here I Come!!!

I bet you heard of the so-called kembara halangan before. If you don't, you just have to google on it for more info. Well, anyway, I'm a failure on this part. Like seriously. I blame my stupid hands. No doubt. Ha3. I can't even pass the monkey rack and the stupid tarzan swing. I ended being wet every single time. *shamefaced I dropped into the water. Just can't withstand that part. He3. But, I'm still looking ahead for every single activity there except kembara halangan. *guilt Well, at least, I've done high elements. I don't escape from that one unlike the others. *proud Though I ended up having bruises here and there. How pathetic! I freaked out while I was doing high elements. And silly part of me was that I was acting cool. Instead of I was scared to death. Ha3. Right after high elements, I  climbed up the stairs with shaky legs for flying fox. Still, I was acting calm until I landed. I let it all out. I couldn't step on that stupid landing board and I freaked out. Like seriously. *terror I can't even stand straight. I even pulled Apit's hand. And even get scolded by him. How embarassing! Thank God 大哥 was there to help me. *relieved He pulled my legs so that I can actually step on the landing board.

1 intimate notes:

kenwooi said...
February 14, 2010 at 1:26 AM

pretty adventurous at NS eh? =)

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