I'm finally back!

Yeah! I'm back to Alor Setar at last. *jumps around I've been away for like more than a month now. Just realized that Facebook had changed its layout again. How annoying! I have to get used with it all over again *sighs Right now, I'm busy searching for the right song for my NS slide show which till this moment I can't find the right one. How pathethic! I don't think I wanna use Kau Ilhamku again. It has become so common at the camp. Paan's group sang that on our last day of our PK4 class. And so is our Kelas Integrasi. Though I can't help loving the song. Well, my dear friend, tqah suggested Memori Tercipta by Shila OIAM. The title itself says it all. Don't you think so? Thanks a lot, tqah! Just checking on the lyrics. *touching T_____T Sentimental enough. I love it. tqah urged me to update my blog on my NS camp but I'm not quite sure when I will actually start updating on NS though.  I'm gonna try my best. *finger crossed

1 intimate notes:

aiai said...
February 14, 2010 at 1:47 PM

cool cool..miss ya gurl...

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