Singapore Blog Awards 2010 is HERE!

It's Singapore Blog Awards. And guess what, participation for this award is open to anyone who owns a blog, regardless of nationalities.

It's organised by, the Awards honour “new-age wordsmiths” who devote their time and energy to create and maintain informative and innovative blogs.

The ten award categories for this year are:

Best Modeling Blog
Best WTH what-the-hell Blog
Best Food Blog 
Most Insightful Blog
Best LOL laugh-out-loud Blog, 
EASB East Asia Institute of Management
Best Individual Blog
Best e-Commerce Blog
Best Photography Blog
Best Lifestyle Blog sponsored by National Heritage Board

Nominations and registrations for the Singapore Blog Awards are now open. Interested public can now nominate their favourite blogs. Bloggers are encouraged to directly register themselves for the award.

All successfully registered bloggers will be eligible for a random draw to win a Garmin ASUS M10 smart phone. 

I know. How cool is that!

I haven't finished yet.
Each of the ten categories winners for the award will walk away with a custom-designed trophy by famous artist, Mr. Tan Swie Hian and a variety of sponsored prizes. All bloggers and voters stand to win a total of over $40,000 worth of prizes by participating in the Awards this year.
And for voters, vote for your favourite bloggers and stand to win prizes like one pf this:

Well, to all bloggers out there, what are you waiting now? Register yourself now before 9 May 2010.

2 intimate notes:

elynn-p :] said...
April 19, 2010 at 1:59 PM

YAY! you should enter Best LOL Blog. suits you best with your funny posts.

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