I'm So Jealous of Her

Ever since I came back to Alor Setar, I've been crazily adding all my NS's friends on Facebook. And been stalking their albums too. Especially their camwhore photos. But then, I came across one of my friend's album. She's Yvonne. I couldn't help it but staring her album in awe. Like seriously. I'm not staring at her camwhore photos though. I mean her camwhore photos are damn cute. No doubt. And I don't have get into details on her photos either. It was the photos on her art piece which made  me a wee bit jealous. Hell yeah,  I sucks at drawing. I remembered how I used to be jealous my classmates on their ability or their so-called artistic skills. They are able to produce art piece that will definitely give them an A. As for me, C is the best I can get so far. Of every subjects in school, I hate Arts the most. I do adore art piece created by my teacher or my classmates but not my own. My art piece usually looks ugly. Well, when it comes to arts, I'm definitely a retard or anything that best describe my situation. Oh, here's her art piece. Enjoy.

P.S. She used the Application 'Paint' . I wonder how she did all these. I mean it's so hard to spray. She's artistic and I'm not.

2 intimate notes:

nrnadia said...
April 3, 2010 at 8:34 PM

the three is the superb!!! love it!!

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