I couldn’t decide what to blog about first! My new watch? My belated birthday's present? Or why am I being grounded again and disappeared from the net world for 5 days. Yeah, I miss net world dreadfully. Anyway, the dreaded moment had finally come to an end. And I'm officially back. 
Guess which one won?

Since I seldom blog on shoppping, let me blog on it then. And also the gift from aunt too. I'll shall start with my gift.

I've got my belated birthday present from Aunt Jenny. She must have been pretty busy as I celebrated my 18th birthday on February at National Service (NS) camp. And it's April. End of April. There possibilities she might have forgotten. At least she did send me the gift all the way from KL-I don't mind one way or the other.

I was filled with anticipation while opening that box.What she got for me this time?

*drum rolls 

Animob Kitty Cat! Thanks, Aunt Jenny. I love it!
I went shopping! With my parents. God I haven’t shopped in months. Ever since I came back from NS camp. Sometime when I don’t shop for long I don’t feel it at first but after a while I get all cranky and yearning but when I finally buy some stuff it’s like a relief!

Talking about NS camp, I think I'm getting fatter. I think. And I don't have weighing machine in my house. Darn it! 

I must have gained weight. From the day I left camp, I'm not motivated to get exercise at all. No sergeants were there to shout orders at me. Anymore. Thank God. And so, it leads to 'lack-of-exercise lifestyle'.

Besides I didn’t have time exercise. What a lame excuses!


I've been sitting in my room all day, staring at my laptop screen. I don't think get much exercise sitting here all day long.

This is terrible for my stomach and thighs. 


Anyway, I bought a new watch. That will cheer me up.

I was deciding between this one and another one with pink strap. It has four choices: brown, pink, white and yellow. And i chose the brown strap merely because I look cool with it. All in all, I won't never pick the yellow strap. I'm sort of anti-yellow kinda girl. I hate Bananas in Pajamas. And am not a fan of Spongebob Squarepants too. Totally ewww.

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nrnadia said...
April 25, 2010 at 8:40 PM

sweet man!! the watch look superb!!!

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