Just Me Again Down Here for the Last Time

I promise. This will definitely be the one last time. *finger crossed Because I realized that there will be more things gonna happen in my life though I'm so bored in my house right now.  Someday. I can't keep on writing on this. I have to move on writing on other stuff. That's for sure. *nodding my head Even though, I have stopped writing, it doesn't mean I am gonna forget everything there. NS moments will continue to live on as it has changed my life. Every hour I've spent together with them there lives within my heart. I'm a new person. No longer the girl you used to see. No longer the shy, quiet girl that you usually see at the inconspicuous corner. I'm not her. Not anymore. And I'm proud for who I am today. I definitely do. NS taught me to do things that I have never ever thought of I'm going to do this in my life. As I move on, I will remember all the times I had together with my friends there. No matter how my life gonna change, we will still be friends forever. I promise. I kept on asking myself. Will these memories fade if I stop writing? And I found an answer within my heart. I will not. As I have this blog to relive my NS moments every now and then. *winks

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