I Survived Wirajaya

 cooking rice using mess tin for the first time in my life

 ta-daa i've succeeded

 Mayrin, Masthura and Fen were busy eating nom nom nom

they were busy pitching up our tent

Wirajaya was held at Hutan Simpan Tasik Meranti. Approximately 2km from our camp. We started our journey around 5 p.m. Guess what! We had our hand phone together with us on wirajaya. It sounds weird. Isn't it? Hand phone during camping. Well, perhaps this is modern way of doing things. Haha. My camping buddies were Mayrin, Fen and Fifah. As usual, the first thing we have to do on camping will definitely be pitching up tents. Like duh. Anyway, I hate pitching up tent. Like seriously. It's so hard to find all those sticks. Everything has to be right size and the right type. My God. So troublesome. Because of that, I tripped and fell. *embarrassed Shoot me for being so blind. Bang bang. *sighs Next up was dinner. No doubt, we have to cook our own rice. Thank God the trainers help me. I'm sorry, I've never cook a single thing in my life. *shamefaced As it was my first time camping, I do not how to manage my time. And guess what?! I ended up not having my bath at all. Till the next morning. I even forgot to brush my teeth. And I ate breakfast too. I actually realized that on the way back to our dorm. *eww It's disgusting. I know. By the way, I'm not the only one that stinks. All of us. Not even one bath that day. Haha. Super stinky people. And during the night confidence, we have to walk around the jungle alone. Without our friends. *creepy But actually there were trainers hiding everywhere, checking on us. They were making some freaky noises when we passed them. I ain't freaked out, trainers! Not at all. It was adventurous, by the way.  FYI, I tripped and fell. Again. Ended up having bruises on both knees. How pathetic! The next thing I know, I can't even squat down. It was so pain. Like seriously. *shamefaced It was hilarious to see that Haseena went on screaming in the jungle. And crying at the same time. *shhh Don't tell her. Haha. Even during flying fox, she kept on screaming from the top till she landed. Haha. 

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Anonymous said...
March 18, 2010 at 2:02 PM

pow stink....

elynn-p said...
March 18, 2010 at 6:52 PM

=.= ...i knw dear

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