For New Year

New Year is coming soon. It’s time for me to look back to the past and more importantly, forward to the coming year. *yeah

Can't wait! I should try to kick my bad habits and start my life anew though old habits die hard. *sighs

What kinds of New Year resolution will I make for myself this January 1st? I'm well aware that making resolutions is the easy part. Sticking to them is the hard part.  Whatever. I'm still making resolutions. Setting goals is necessary for me in order to get things done. Perhaps. But, I tend to break them. *guilty

#01 I will not let things to easily bother me.
#02 I want to exercise regularly.
#03 I will TRY to cut down my internet surfing time. T____T
#04 I have to improve my eating habits.
#05 I must not skip meals. 
#06 I will spend more time with my family and friends.
#07 I'm going to get enough sleep.
#08 I will try to get my room to be organized.
#09 I'm going to have a stress relief and regular hobby.
#10 I will, no doubt get more music into my life. *big smile
#11 I have to reduce my stress level.
#12 I will read more books.
#13 I will resolve to meet all my deadlines no matter what i swear
#14 I will make some new friends instead of being cooped in my room too often.
#15 I will resolve to not wait till the last minute to revise for exam. *ugghh
#16 I have to eat breakfast every day.
#17 I will STOP comparing myself to other students who I think are smarter.
#18 I have to CONTROL my temper, like seriously *sighs
#19 I will learn to show more appreciation towards my family and friends.
#20 I will try to stick to this as long as possible. *crossing my fingers

P.S. I wrote down my resolutions and hope that it'll happen the way I want it.

1 intimate notes:

kenwooi said...
December 31, 2009 at 9:42 AM

all the best in your new year resolution!
happy new year 2010! =)

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