that's Shee Min

Guess what, this stranger will going to be my friend. Duh. Recently I found out that we are in the same school. About four days ago. We've been chatting on MSN for more than half a year. Well, at first we were in Add Math class for a year. She sat beside me, second row in the class. Never once we've talked to each other. Why? Partly because she's shy and I sucks at Mandarin. Duh. Who doesn't know that? (if you are my close friend or my loyal reader of course)

And she suggested on my Facebook wall that we should talk to each other face to face since we are now schoolmates. Well, she's in Pre-U1 Beta whereas I'm in Pre-U1 Alpha. But I'm wondering, who's gonna make the first move? She's introvert (that's what I feel) and I'm the opposite. But being sucks at Mandarin makes it difficult for me to make the first move. Whatever. I'll just try my best. =)

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Kelvin said...
May 17, 2010 at 8:45 PM

Friendship is beyond words!

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