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"Oh today I missed out a post I MUST blog at least a post"

This is not blogging. That will only make make my blog focus on QUANTITY instead of QUALITY. Since I have nothing to blog, why not I just take a break and think of a content that will impress my readers. *lame excuse

But in turns out, I took more than I actually need. *guilty

Deep down, I know I haven't been as hardcore blogger as I tried to make myself to be.

It was exactly 4 days since my last post on cecilia's birthday

Anyway, so here I am now updating my blog.

For these few days, I was kinda lost direction on blogging. It was like I don't have the blogging mood in me anymore. But then I came across this at The AllMalaysian Bloggers Project:

Blog whatever that comes to your mind. A blog is someplace you can freely show your true self. So be yourself.

Don't blog for the SAKE of other! Your blog is uniquely yours and only one of its kind, don't compare your blog with others as different bloggers have different blogging styles.

And also from my point of view is that blogging it's like an online journal of my life (since I named it my lil diary) minus my messy handwriting and paper cuts.

So right now, I'm writing about things I know and about things that interest me. People will see the genuine intentions, and that's what draws them to my blog. I think. I hope so. *finger crossed Not that I'm desperate.

Anyway, talking about things that interest me at this moment must be Hotel City.

 via [Here]

Because it's one of Playfish games. Plus, it's a brand new one.

Stay up to date with all the latest news from Hotel City including gifts, tips and loads of surprises by following them on twitter.

From Restaurant City to Pet Society and now Hotel City. You can say that I'm a fan of Playfish games. Who doesn't? Unless you think that playing games is childish. Or boring. 

via [Here]

But, I just couldn't resist playing them. I'm not addicted to it though. I love their creation so much. It's cute.

Did I tell you that from Thursday 1st April until Monday 12th April you can take part in the celebration and earn up to 10 Playfish Cash!

How to participate:

• Players who play Hotel City between 1st April 2010 at 00.01am GMT (start date) and 15th April 2010 at 11.59pm GMT (end date) can receive up to 10 Playfish Cash to be used across all Playfish games supporting Playfish Cash. Playfish cash will be rewarded as follows:

• Install Hotel City and complete the tutorial to earn 2 Playfish Cash!

• Play Hotel City and reach level 10 to earn another 4 Playfish Cash!

• Play Hotel City and reach level 25 to earn yet another 4 Playfish Cash!

• Users who install the game after the period of promotion won't qualify for the respective 'install reward'.

• Users who reach level 10 and level 25 after the period of promotion won't qualify for the respective 'level 10 reward' and 'level 25 reward'.

• Your Playfish Cash will be credited manually to your account by Friday 16th April. To receive your Playfish Cash you need to read and accept Playfish's Digital Services Agreement (for use, expiration and limitation of Playfish cash.) You will be asked to accept the Playfish's Digital Services Agreement after completing the tutorial and after reaching level 10 and level 25.

• This promotion is open to all territories.

Check in to Hotel City, Playfish's latest offering that lets you and your friends design and run your own hotel!

I've created a BloggerUnited  account long ago and have yet to be active in the community. When I finally think it's is probably a good time to start, there was some kinda error on their page which I have no idea what it was. 

Just now, I tried to load their page again and it showed 'will be back soon'. This is odd. Has this happened before? Or am I the only one experiencing this. I have no idea.

Okay. I guessed that's all for now.

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