It's Hard to Let You Go

For 18 years on this Earth, March 10 was the saddest day of my life. And it's still is. Why is this so? Because for all my life, I've never left behind all this fantastic people on the same day. Never. I'm serious. And yes, when I left my own school, I was not even that emotional. I did cried on that when leaving my 5 Amal class. I really did. Knowing that I've spent most of my time there, how can I ever feel nothing when leaving 5 Amal behind. I still remember every single thing we have done there. From the good things to the bad things. Anyway, back to NS. Now, it's not the time to dwell into memories of 5 Amal. I wanna write regarding on these people who are special to me and means a lot to me. And they will always remain in my heart till the end of time. *ugghh Being melodramatic again. Haha. 

That's Danial. We were in the same group for Character Building class. Our group was Fire Team. Btw, he's one of the Delta. And he's damn talkative. Like seriously. Hehe. But he's friendly. Besides that, he's a loyal text-er. *sweet Whenever I text him, he will reply me even though it's a bit late. As you can see, he's not that tall. Almost the same height as mine. Haha. He's 160 cm only. FYI, I'm 154 cm. But who cares! I can always wear high heels. *yippee

She's Fifah. We prefer to call her Kak Long Tiger. Reasons? Unknown. Hehe. Anyway, she's one of the Delta's corporal. I'm proud to be under her wings. *big, shiny eyes Ever since the CNY holidays, my alarm clock couldn't work well. Tried to change the battery. It's still remain the same. Showing the wrong time. How pathetic! Eventually, I gave up. Since then, I have depend on her  to wake me up at 5.30 a.m. Thank God, she's willing to do that. So, I wanna say thanks to her and give her XOXO too. I still remember for the first time I saw her. I mistakenly thought that she was a boy. And so I was thinking what the heck a boy is hanging around our dorm. *terror Haha.

Well, that's Farhan. We call him Paan. He's Delta's sergeant. How do I came to know him? It was during Delta's Kontrak Kita Janji. I was in need of a pen back then. And he was beside me. So, I borrowed his. And the rest is history. We were in the same class for Character Building which is PK4 like Danial. But we weren't in the same group for Module 1 and 2 though I secretly wish we were. *shhh Anyway, later on, I joined Dikir Barat team for Hari Pelatih which he was too. We were not in the same class for Kelas Kenegaraan. *ugghh How disappointing! Next up was on HIV/AIDS class. We were back into PK4. I'm glad. ^^ But at first I suppossed to be in Group 1 which he was not going to be in. So, I've cheated. I sneaked into his group which I successfully did without the teacher noticing it. *proud ^^

She's Syafikah from Charlie. Her nickname is Eyka. She stays next to my dorm which  is the A+C dorm. I can easily say Hi to her everytime I walk out of my dorm. Her motto for Charlie is 'Charlie Sejati'. Well, as for me as a Delta's member is 'Hidup Delta'. Haha. Well, she's the closest malay friend I had there. Though we do not hang out as often as others normally do there.

Last but not least, this is Padin. My 大哥 at the camp. We called him Pak Dragon after the name of our group for Kelas Kenegaraan. Haha. As our group name was Dragon, what we did on that group was mostly on Chinese culture. We did dragon dance together with Ameer, Mamu, Izam, Aswad, Apit, Emi, Min and Hoi Fen.

P.S. Thanks to you guys for all these sweet memories I've had there. Without you guys, things wouldn't be that fun at the camp. I hope that you guys will say Hi if I meet you guys anywhere on this Earth. XOXO. muacks

3 intimate notes:

kenwooi said...
March 13, 2010 at 11:41 AM

dont worry.. there are lots of adventures and more people to meet out there! =)

Jong said...
March 13, 2010 at 12:10 PM

Might not be able to meet them so often but still technology haf not fail us. There're tons of way to stay in contact.

tkah. said...
March 13, 2010 at 1:46 PM

thyre going to be proud to have a friend like you. remembering them even its over and its hard to leave the feeling. chill yaww. im here. :)

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