Confessions from My Inner Voice

Before I dozed off for spending long hours in front of my laptop,  I wish to say this out before it's too late. *clears throat

Ahem *cough

I do not know how much I meant to you guys till today. Thinking that you guys never really care about me, I never really bother about our friendships. I'm well aware that I'm not a good friend to you guys for all this while. But today, the messages and comments you left me on Facebook and Blogger, it made me realize how wonderful you guys are to me. It  really touches my heart. I must have been so foolish not realizing what friendships actually means. Thanks for everything you guys have done to me.

So, I'm here to write a post to tell you guys how sorry I am and thanks for all your messages and comments. I love you guys. XOXO

I will take care of myself and will definitely have fun there. ^^

Thanks, Joey. *muacks

I'm sorry for what I had done before this. T_______T

I will be back to accompany you till late night again. 
And I don't mind to have panda eyes too. :D

P.S. By the way,  you guys rocks!

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Syuna said...
January 2, 2010 at 8:06 PM

hey...have a nice camp there!! make use of the time there..who know you might got a new few bestfriends!! cherish every single day you got!! love ya!!

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